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Open Letter
Ref: The following open letter is in response to recent emails sent to various members of the Sikh community as well as to Internet mailing lists concerning donations made to a "Kajang orphanage" some years ago.

"Regarding the Sikh orphanage in Kajang, I am not aware of it, but mentioning of Giani Mahinder Singh Khalsa's involvement in it by Sardar Harpal Singh Narula, I would like to make clear the following facts:

1. A piece of land was purchased by a registered society known as Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Khalsa Garh Malaysia; not for an orphanage alone but with other aims too, such as to propagate the Sikh religion amongst the Sikhs, especially to educate the Sikh youth on the dangers of drug abuse and other social vices.

2. The one who helped draft the constitution of Khalsa Garh was none other than Harpal Singh 'Piper', who was then practicing as an advocate and solicitor in Singapore. He did help in getting and giving some donations at that time when Khalsa Garh bought the said land in Semenyih near Kajang.

3. Due to some reasons, the general body of Khalsa Garh at one of it's AGMs decided to sell the same land in Semenyih and buy another piece in the Klang Valley. The transaction process took some months, and in the meantime the economy shot up and caused land prices to increase.

4. Having less than RM400,000 in hand at that time, we could not buy a bungalow or land, until recently. With the slowing-down of the economy, a down-payment for a piece of land was paid with the general body's approval. However, due to some false caveat we are awaiting the decision of the Courts on the land. Once it is available, we will start on the project.

5. The monies collected from the sale of the Semenyih land are in the bank accounts of Khalsa Garh society and are properly managed by responsible officials. Every year, annual audited accounts are forwarded to the Registrar of Societies in accordance with the law. The monies are not in the hands of any individual person or persons out to "cheat" the Sikh community, but in the bank accounts of the Society. Every cent can be accounted for. It is neither misused nor misappropriated.

6. Sardar Harpal Singh Narula was involved in the sewa but due to some private personal matter left Singapore for many years and has just returned recently. He was one of the many donors but, not being a member of the Society, has not been aware of its happenings.

7. Giani Mahinder Singh Khalsa says he is certain of one thing: that he never received any message from Harpal Singh Narula regarding the funds. Khalsa Ji is very close to Narula's parents, brothers and sisters and family. He has seen Harpal Singh Narula in some of his relatives' homes while doing kirtan but never for once did Harpal Singh Narula question Khalsa Ji or any of the officials about the funds. We are therefore saddened by his comments.

8. If Harpal Singh Narula says he did not get any answers for his messages and enquiries, then he could easily question Khalsa Garh legally in writing about the whereabouts of the funds, rather than spreading false rumours on the Internet.

9. A Gursikh, when doing sewa, takes out his daswand (one-tenth of his righteous earnings) in the name of Guru Ji without expectation of recognition and without letting anyone know he has done it - so much so that even the left hand does not know what the right hand gave!

10. I hope Harpal Singh Narula could have clarified his doubts even publicly before passing judgement on others by calling them "deceitful" and "rascals" out to cheat the Sikh community and not accounting for the monies collected. Strong words indeed! Such poisoned letters posted on the Internet are unbecoming of good Sikhs. A Gursikh sees no evil, hears no evil and speaks no evil! How wonderful it would be if we could spend our time on meditating on God's Name rather than wasting our precious time indulging in public gossip over the Internet, or imagining perceived wrong-doings!

11. The monies collected were given in the name of the society, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Khalsa Garh Malaysia and not to any individual person. If there are any enquiries to be made then please do so in writing from the Society.

May God have mercy on all of us.

Thank you

Giani Sukhdaiv Singh
Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Khalsa Garh Malaysia"

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