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  In Memory of Giani Jagjit Singh Khalsa

Giani Jagjit Singh Khalsa was a young charismatic preacher who was immensely popular on both sides of the causeway. He lived a life of seva and it was through his efforts that many youths began to relate and live as Sikhs. His loving disposition and his knack for understanding the problems faced by youths today made him the light in the darkness and confusion of this world. He was only 27 years of age, yet every life he touched was enriched, every heart opened more to the love of God and Guru - for he was a living example of God's power and Guru Ji's grace.

On 22nd July 1986, this blessed Khalsa was called upon by Waheguru; and this July, we will commemorate the 15th anniversary of his passing with a special kirtan programme.

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