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Our Philosophy

Reverence for the Divine Word

There are probably many things in life that we should agree to disagree without being disagreeable. However, one of the very few issues we stand uncompromisingly is the truth that the Holy Scripture, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, is :

 the unchanging Word of God.
 the living embodiment of the Gurus.
 the way to divine life.
 the Path to salvation.

Avoidance of Scriptural Butchery

We emphasise that the hymns (Gurbani) in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji should be read in their entirety. We do not subscribe to the increasingly common practice of cutting down on certain stanzas for the sake of convenience or expediency.

Gurbani is a gift from the True Guru. To recite the first few stanzas of a hymn and drop out the rest (as is done with 'Anand Sahib'), is butchery and a denial of His love and wisdom.

Respect for all Life

We believe that spiritual life encompasses the goal of becoming sensitive, generous and feeling people. The ghastly drama of killing and abusing other creaturely inhabitants of God's world is inconsistent with true religion and the divine teachings of our Gurus.

As such, we earnestly seek to realise these qualities in our members:

 a mind thirsty for divine knowledge,
 a heart filled with compassion,
 a will fueled by a sense of justice.

Living a Balanced Life

Sikh Dharm advocates the life of a 'householder', not the life of renunciation as practiced by the ancient sages. As such, we believe in a balanced and meaningful commitment to God in which :

 time is set aside for prayers and the remembrance of His Holy Name (simran);
 time is set aside for faithful and selfless service;
 time is set aside for yourself, family members, relatives and friends;
 time is set aside for earning an honest and dignified living.

The End-Result

It is our aim to help you understand the Teachings so that you will be able :

 to deal effectively with life's daily complexities;
 to walk on the path of righteousness and draw closer to Him.

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