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  Barsi Programme 2001

Sant Baba Sohan Singh Jiís Annual Sant Samagam held at Gurudwara Sahib Tittiwangsa, Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur, was celebrated with great pomp and beauty. Sewa for Guru Ka Langar started a 10.00am in the morning of 28th of April 2001. The Sewadars enjoyed lunch, which was very tasty and well prepared.

At about 4.00pm the Kirtan Darbar started with the children doing melodious kirtan followed by kirtan by other ragi jathas. The Sri Raheras Sahib Path commenced at 6.20pm followed by kirtan by the ragi jathas. Most beautiful was the kirtan by our local youth jathas who did both classical and light classical kirtan, making many members of the Sangat to comment that some of these local youth jathas, who are professionals in their fields, performed better than a good number of professional ragi jathas who come from India!

The Sehaj Path Da Bhog started at 9.30pm followed by Ardas, Hukam Nama and serving of Krah Parshad Di Deg. The attendance this year was simply fabulous, with many coming from all over Malaysia as well as Singapore. With this being a yearly affair, the sangat looks forward to the Sant Samagam and participating in the sewa.

Khalsa Garh wishes to thank all sewadars, kirtani jathas and especially the sadh sangat, for their contributions in making this Sant Sanagam a great success. Khalsa Garh is also very much indebted and thankful to the management of Gurdwara Sahib Tittiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur, for allowing us to organise the Sant Samagam at their location for many years. Lastly Khalsa Garh wishes to remind all ragi jathas who intend to do kirtan in all future Kirtan Darbars to come fully prepared to sing the first Shabad in classical music. This is what Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji started and what Guru Ji expects from his kirtani jathas.

With thanks,

Khalsa Garh Committee

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