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Aims and Objectives

Khalsa Garh is a Sikh religious, educational and charitable organisation based in Malaysia. Its aims and objectives include the following:

 to bring the Word of the True Guru to the masses.
 to publish books, magazines and pamphlets for the promotion of the Sikh religion.
 to provide individuals with the training needed to effectively perform all religious ceremonies in Gurdwaras (Sikh temples) and other institutes of Sikh learning.
 to reach out to the less fortunate members of society, such as the poor and needy, as well as orphans.
 to help rehabilitate drug addicts and alcoholics.
 to educate the Sikh community on the dangers of narcotics, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, sexual promiscuity and other vices.
 to help in resolving sikh religious disputes between parties with their prior consent, so as to bring about amicable decisions for the benefit of the Sikh community.

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